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Here are the notes and more details from the presentations "Broadcasting from the Saddle" and "From GPS to Online Maps" from the 2009 Horizons Unlimited Meeting in Ripley, UK.


Name: Johan Lundin
Age: 47
A Swedish motorcycle rider with taste for ice climbing and technical diving.

Broadcasting from the Saddle
From GPS to Online Maps

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Equipment Summary

This section is aimed to summarize a few facts from the trip in order to help future riders in their preparations. I had myself only ridden motor bikes for less than three years and had up until one year before heading off no mechanical skills.

Preparations and equipment are also highly individual choices and this is by no means the absolute truth but simply what worked well for me and a few suggestions based on experiences during the trip.

KTM 640 Adventure 2005
2 Metalmule 31 liter panniers
Garmin Zumo GPS with Touratech mount
Big chain with padlock on luggage rack

"Clean" pannier
Bottom layer:
Thin drybags with
5 T-shirts
5 Underwear
5 Socks
Long thermal pants
Long sleeved thermal shirt
Thin trekking pants
Middle layer:
Panasonic CF-W5 Toughbook laptop in neoprene case wrapped in:
Fleece jacket
Pair of jeans
Thin drybag with cables and chargers
Top layer:
Lonely planet guide book
Plastic folder containing passport, bike title, temp import and insurance (stuff police wants to see)

"Dirty" pannier
Bottom layer:
2 Spare standard innertubes (front / back)
Spare oil
Middle layer:
Spare parts
Medical / toilet kit
Robust trainers containing
Hair trimmer
Soldering iron (no one from start but bought 3 to fix electrical problems)
Top layer:
Bike clothes insulation layer with winter gloves

Torque wrench with sockets for oil bolts
Allen keys
Chain braker
Syringe with hose for clutch bleeding
2 Tyre levers
Leatherman multitool
7 - 13 mm keys
KTM T-tool
40 cm hose for frame oil change
Feeler gauge for valve inspection

Suggested bike tweaks
These are modifications that I did on the road or I missed and noticed others have done and that I would do before a second trip:
Install reusabled oilfilters (no need to hunt KTM stores)
Pushbutton fork bleeders and neoprene fork protectors (to prevent fork oil leakage)
Get a steel rear sprocket, std aluminum only lasts about 10000km
Rethread upper luggage rack bolts from M6 to M8
Use ultra heavy duty innertubes (no flats!)
Separate hold for rear mirror (so not to brake expensive brake fluid cylinder when you brake mirror)
Electrically heated grips for cold weather

Service needed
Roughly every 5000 km you need to do this or get to a mechanic to get it done. You can find good tutorial on http://www.advrider.com
Change tyres (front might last a bit longer)
Change oil
Check and adjust valve clearance
Check loose spokes (more often if offroad)
Clean airfilter (more often if offroad)
Clean / change sparkplug

Other things you also may have to do:
Bleed forks (daily! so get push button bleeders)
Change brake pads
Change fork oil if it starts leaking
Reverse bleed clutch

Also good to learn:
Kick start
Change carb needle for high altitude
Basic operation of the engine
Change ignition cycle for low octane fuel

Back and front sprockets
Light bulbs
Oil filters
Small oil filter gasket
Valve inspection gaskets
Copper oil plug washers
Brake and clutch levers
Mixed screws, bolts and nuts (M6 & M8)
Crimping connectors
1 meter wire

Helmet cam system
Archos 504 Recorder
2 Archos helmet cams (first broke after 7 months)
1 Extra battery (first burnt out after 6 months)
Archos car charger under bike dashboard
(charger broke early on by vibrations but after fixing the problem and filling the circuit board with epoxy it worked well for the remainder of the trip)

Medical kit
Originally brought big kit but lost it and never replaced it fully since pharmacies are everywhere. However useful to have is:
Charcoal pills for bad stomach after exotic street food, works better than imodium
Pain killers (paracetamol or if you can get hold of kodein based stuff which is stronger)
Wound disinfect wipes or small container with alcohol / ionide
Altitude sickness pills like Dramamine (only cures symptoms) or much better Diamox (Acetazolamide) which makes you acclimatize faster)
Leukoplast tape for blisters
Standard toiletries (toothbrush, shaving stuff, bodywash, travel tovel)

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