The Service

Gaiafix is a tool that explorers use to share geographic information. Many places around the world are only visited by a small number of people. These places are never charted out on formal maps and many times the only information available about these places are satellite images. Gaiafix provides a utility for these explorers to share information about these places in the form of maps, GPS data and photos.

The name Gaiafix is based on the words Gaia and Fix. Gaia is the primal Greek goddess personifying the earth. A Fix is the determination of the location of something such as the latitude and longitude on a map. The Gaiafix logotype, with its orange triangle, is based on the international orienteering symbol.

The People

Gaiafix was founded by Johan Lundin and Steinar Dahl in August 2008. At the time Johan was exploring South America on a motorbike but suffered engine failure in northern Brazil. While waiting for spare parts to be flown in, Johan and Steinar started working on the Gaiafix concept.

Johan returned from South America in the beginning to April 2009 and started full time development. The service was launched at the Horizons Unlimited UK meeting in Ripley, Berkshire, UK in June 2009. Later during the summer of 2009 Steinar joined the efforts in full time development.

Johan has a background as a military arctic ranger, technical diver and adventure motorcycle traveler. He is based in London, UK and travels extensively.

Steinar is a very active climber all year around. He travels to remote destinations for exotic rock climbing as well as exploring the local ice climbing routes in Norway where he currently lives.